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Chris Dole
Owner & CEO
Nicole McLeod
Chief Financial Officer
Scott Dulaney
Director of Business Development
Tim Berry
Director of Operations
Bill Highfill
Director of Maintenance

Chris’s 25+ years of aviation experience encompasses a Bachelor of Science degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with concentrated studies in airline operations and air traffic control, working for a 121 Carrier, Atlantic Coast Airlines, servicing both United and Delta Airlines flying various regional jets as a First Officer and a Captain and acquiring his certification as an Air Transport Pilot (ATP). In January 2005 Chris started his aviation management company, today branded as Precision Aircraft Management. 

Nicole has 20 years’ experience in the aircraft management and charter industry specializing in aircraft forecasting and financial modelling. She has worked for 15 years in a financial leadership position and has been with Precision for over 2 years. Prior to Precision, she worked for Mountain Aviation, Desert Jet, and Jetstream Aviation in addition to being a private consultant for several charter operators/FBOs, real estate firms, and aviation start-ups. She was the CFO for Mountain High Appliance, the largest retail appliance chain in Colorado, for 6 years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business and is completing coursework for a master's in accountancy.

Scott has been in Business Aviation for more than 14 years, working in Charter Sales, Aircraft/Maintenance Management and Business Development.  He joined our team in July 2023 after working with Wheels Up, Mountain Aviation and starting his business aviation career at Mayo Aviation in 2009.  He graduated from Metropolitan State University with a BS in Marketing following 6 years as a nuclear submarine radioman and electronics technician.   Scott then worked in his family business building shipping and storage systems for nuclear weapon components as an AWS Certified Welding Inspector, CNC programmer and Program Manager for all Department of Energy contracts held by the company.  He is a trustee Emeritus of the Colorado Aviation Business Association and a private pilot.

Tim is a Colorado native and brings 30+ years of aviation experience that includes Part 135 passenger and cargo flying and worldwide experience as a C-130 Navigator in the Air Force Reserves. Tim joined the Precision team in July 2007.  Just prior to coming to Precision, Tim was a Part 121 airline Captain for Air Wisconsin Airlines. He holds a bachelor’s degree in management, and associates in Aeronautical Science. Tim has Type Ratings in the G200, B-737, CE560XL, CL-65 and Dornier 328. He retired from the Air Force in 2008.

Bill has served as a professional in the business aviation community for over 25 years. Bill joined the Precision team in January 2017 as Director of Maintenance. Before joining Precision, Bill has previously held various positions as Director of Maintenance, General Manager, and Senior Operations Manager in both FAA 135 and FAA 145 environments at Gulfstream Aerospace, Flight Options, Raytheon Aircraft Company, and AIRINC.  Bill graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University where he majored in Business Aviation Management and Aviation Maintenance Technology. Bill brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him to Precision with many successful years in managing business aircraft including Gulfstreams, Citations, Hawkers, Challengers, Globals, and Lear Jets.

Brent Ingham
Director of Safety
Jesse Rasinkangas
Director of Training
Benjamin Suhler
Chief Pilot
Marsha Zak
Client and Employee Relations Manager
Sam Johnson
Accounting Associate

Brent learned how to fly early in life by earning his pilot's license in high school.  He has been flying professionally since 2004.  His career started with flying sky divers and traffic watch but moved into Part 135 single pilot cargo in the Kansas City area.  In 2005 he and his wife moved to Parker, CO, flying Lear 35's and 55’s. Since arriving in Colorado, Brent has captained everything from King air 200’s to the Hawker 800XP.  Brent joined the team at Precision in October 2019 and became the Director of Safety in 2020.  He graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelors in Airway Science and holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix with continuing education Units from National Test Pilot School and Embry-Riddle University.

Jesse started flight training in Dallas, TX in 2011 and made a full-time career change into aviation as a pilot in 2019 once he received his multi-engine commercial certificate.  Jesse joined the Precision team in March of 2022.  Prior to working here at Precision, Jesse worked at FlightSafety International in Dallas, TX for almost 3 years in the Gulfstream G-200 SIC program.   He was introduced to the Precision team while at FlightSafety.  He worked with several of our G-200 pilots during their training and check rides.

Ben Suhler is our Chief Pilot here at Precision. He has been in the Aviation Industry since 2004, starting as a student pilot. His extensive aviation experience includes working as a Line Service Technician, Line Service Supervisor, Line Service Manager, Flight Instructor, Contract Pilot and Charter Pilot. Ben also had the honor of flying Precision's first ever charter flight in 2018. He became a pilot at Precision in January 2014 as a co-pilot on a PC12 and has progressed to pilot the PC12, Citation XL and G200. He earned a BS in Aviation Technology from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2008. 

Marsha has been in the aviation industry for 6 plus years. She joined the Precision team in November of 2019, bringing with her over 13 years' experience in client services and office management. She previously worked for Wetzel Aviation and IFAM Capital. With a BA in Business Administration from Stephens College, Marsha is dedicated to providing outstanding service and building client relations.

Sam joined Precision in June 2023 and provides bookkeeping support for our accounting team. He comes to Precision with a BS of Business Administration from ASU, 4 years of previous administrative support experience from working as a Financial Services Specialist with Empower Retirement and as an Order Coordinator with Keysight Technologies, and recently completed his Private-Pilot Instrument rating in September 2023.

Alyssa Van Deurzen
Flight Ops Manager
Ethan Mosier
Flight Ops Specialist
Tyler Selander
Flight Ops Specialist
Melissa Thomas
Flight Ops Specialist
David Courtney
Flight Ops Specialist

Alyssa has been in the aviation industry for 8 years providing experience in customer service, scheduling, charter sales, and flight operations supervision. She graduated with a degree in business management with an emphasis in global supply chain management. Alyssa joined Precision in December 2019 and swiftly redefined the scheduling and charter departments by implementing enhanced guidance, tools, and expectations to create success for a seamless operation. Known for astute leadership and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Alyssa continues to contribute to the aviation sector, embodying a unique combination of experience, education, and a passion for elevating the industry standards.

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Tyler’s aviation journey began at Prime Jet, where he immersed himself in the dynamic world of aviation operations. Currently, with a tenure of 2 years at Precision, he plays a significant role on the scheduling and charter team, leveraging his 3.5 years of 135 industry experience to contribute to the seamless functioning and efficiency for the operation.

Melissa is a seasoned professional with a rich background in scheduling and charter services since 2016. Prior to her career in aviation, she served as an equine veterinary technician for 10 years, bringing valuable expertise to her current role. Having dedicated two years to Precision and contributed to the operations of Priester Aviation in Chicago and Contour Aviation in Nashville, she brings a wealth of experience to the industry. Alongside a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, she holds an Aircraft Dispatch License, showcasing a unique blend of skills and knowledge. Outside the professional realm, Melissa finds joy in embracing the outdoor wonders of Colorado, such as hiking, camping, and skiing. Her adventures are often accompanied by the loyal and furry companion, Mac, adding a touch of companionship to her love for nature.

David is a highly skilled aviation professional with six years of industry experience, including two years at Precision. Prior to joining Precision in 2022, he held positions at TAC Air, ONEFlight International, and Mountain Aviation. A graduate of MSU Denver with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation and Aerospace Science, David also earned his AT-CTI and ASC certificates, in addition to his FAA Dispatcher License, underscoring his commitment to safety and excellence in aviation operations. With his comprehensive expertise and qualifications, David is adept at ensuring the efficient and safe operation of flights, contributing significantly to the success of Precision and the aviation industry.

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