GulfStream G200

Super Mid-Size

With one of the largest cabins of any super-midsize jet, the G200 aircraft combines comfort, spacious interior space, and the speed you need to get you to your destination. The G200 features comfortable wide seating with room for 10 passengers (9 passengers on certain aircraft), a spacious luggage compartment and cabin, full restroom with vanity, and a large galley with an on-demand coffee maker and a range of other amenities.

The Gulfstream G200’s high standard of performance is powered by two reliable engines manufactured by trusted partner Pratt & Whitney which allow the G200 to reach cruising altitude in under 20 minutes and fly over 500 mph. With its range of 3,300 nm, speed, and comfort, the G200 is an ideal choice for most jet charter itineraries.

Passengers will appreciate the G200 for its six-foot-three-inches of stand-up headroom, in-flight Wi-Fi, wide seats with swivel and recline options, in-flight status information powered by AirShow, and fully enclosed lavatory.

The Gulfstream G200 is the perfect jet for your next business or leisure trip and is ideal for completing long-range transcontinental and transoceanic missions rapidly and comfortably. Please contact us today to inquire where we might fly together.


Wifi: Yes | Airshow: Yes

Seats: 10/9 | Range: 3,300 nm | Max Altitude: 45,000′ | Speed: 500+ mph

Luggage: 150 CF | Cabin Width: 7′ 2″| Cabin Length: 24′ 4″| Cabin Height: 6′ 3″

Seats 10
Seats 9
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