Posted time February 1, 2023 Location No Relocation Required Job type Flight Crew, PIC
  • Salary: $130K-$150K
  • Base: Reside within 2 hours drive from major airport

Precision is seeking qualified Citation XL PIC’s. The aircraft will be operated Part 135 with 5 pilots in rotation.


  • Airline Transport pilot certificate
  • First class medical certificate
  • 3,000 hours total time
  • 2,000 PIC time
  • 500 PIC multi-engine turbine
  • Must live within 2 hours of a major airport


  • Typed and current in the Citation XL
  • Have at least one year of experience as a FAR part 135 pilot of an aircraft.

These requirements may be adjusted based on the candidates quality/ type of overall experience.

Please be prepared to provide references and submit to FAA/DOT background/drug screening. Strong preference given to individuals who are typed and current. Please list the date of last XL training

Apply using the form on this page, or email resume and supporting documents to